Eleven Engineering Board

Aquarius by Dillinger Labs, is the quintessential example of what a Strawberry motherboard can do. One control. Infineon Merus amps. 20 mm woofer excursion. Bi-amped tweeter and woofer. Analog Devices DSP-based crossover and EQ. Film-capacitor-enhanced power supply.

Acrylic / Aluminum / Carbon Fibre build.

10 hours run time at deafening full volume.

115 decibels.

Acoustically-matched pairs.

Work with EVERY app on your mobile device, EVERY app on your computer and EVERY TV.

No software ball & chain: no drivers to load and they run app free!

Cutting edge SKAA® wireless.

Use them anywhere because they don't need a WiFi hotspot.

Network them using SKAA, 4 speakers to each zone.

50 meter range.


Learn more at dillingerlabs.com/receivers/aquarius