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Our products break down into 3 types.  First, we have our (firmware) operating systems:  SKAA, AC-710 and PAW.  Second, we have our ICs (chips):  XInC processors and our wireless audio SiPs.  Your final solution will involve one of these operating systems (firmware) running on one of these chips (hardware).  Third, we have complete motherboards available which can save you many months of R&D when developing a SKAA speaker.


SKAA® is the new standard for wireless audio. With guaranteed, seamless compatibility between all products incorporating it, SKAA is the modern-day wireless equivalent to the venerable RCA audio cable of the past, which for decades enabled anyone to freely connect audio products to each other regardless of brand. SKAA’s adoption is growing exponentially in key audio markets.

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SiP stands for "System in Package". Our SiPs look just like chips. You can use them like chips in mass production. Just load them into your SMT robot and away you go. But our SiPs are different than ordinary chips because they contain ALL of the semiconductor dies and ALL of the sensitive RF passive parts to implement wireless audio. With SiPs you can ditch the old "module" paradigm and finally go module free.

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Part of the SKAA universe, the Strawberry and Saskatoon off-the-shelf motherboards are an effective way of cutting months from your time-to-market. Available in both satellite and hub models, they all feature DSP from Analog Devices and either 60 or 120 WRMS of highly-efficient Infineon Merus amplification, these motherboards may be just what you need to catapult your SKAA speaker into retail in record time.

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XInC2 Processors

Our competitors base their realtime audio transport solutions on non-realtime processing architectures. Most typically ARM or 8051. So their very first move is a mistake. Their second move therefore, must be a bandaid for the mistake. That bandaid is called a realtime operating system; a complex software layer which makes the non-realtime hardware into a realtime platform on which they can build their transport. The cost, in dollars, mW and lost reliability of these first 2 moves is very significant. We created XInC2 because the thought of shipping audio solutions with these 2 moves at their foundation, seemed insane. XInC2 is realtime hardware for your realtime project.

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With its 3 discrete wireless audio channels, the AC-710 operating system is designed specifically for short-range home theatre applications when you need 2 full-range wireless speakers and 1 wireless subwoofer. AC-710 also embodies the opposite philosophy of SKAA; whereas SKAA is all about guaranteed compatibility between all SKAA products, AC-710 is about being completely closed, with no cross-product compatibility whatsoever.

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Sometimes 'full-custom' is just what the doctor ordered. Our PAW operating systems are built-to-order wireless audio transports, designed to spec, just for you. Need 2 full-range channels headed in one direction and 1 mic channel heading in the opposite direction? Have specific needs with respect to latency, sample rate, node topology, channel count and bit depth? Odds are we can create a full-custom PAW transport to your exacting specifications, targeting one of our existing field-proven SiPs as the hardware platform.

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