Eleven Engineering Board

Finally, you can ditch the module

SiP stands for "System in Package". Our SiPs look just like chips. You can use them like chips in mass production. Just load them into your SMT robot and away you go. But our SiPs are different than ordinary chips because inside, they contain ALL of the semiconductor dies and ALL of the sensitive RF passive parts to implement wireless audio. With SiPs you can ditch the tired old "module" paradigm and finally go "module free". And no, you don't have to do RF design on your motherboard because the entire finely-tuned RF circuit is already implemented inside the SiP.  Each of our SiPs contain 50 - 55 components, typically.  But you never have to worry about them.  From your perspective, it's truly a single-chip solution.

All of our SiPs are in-the-air compatible with each other, so long as they're running the same operating system (firmware).

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Ginseng is our workhorse SiP, typically used for long-range wireless audio products such as speakers.  Ginseng can be loaded with SKAA, AC-710 or PAW operating systems.  Saffron is its low-power cousin which is used for battery operated devices, such as headphones.

Sage is the newer, lower-cost alternate to Ginseng which is suitable for SKAA and AC-710 applications.