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XInC2 Processors


Just say NO to 'monkey see, monkey do'

Many brands have entrusted their retail products to Eleven Engineering’s rock solid wireless audio solutions including Bose, Boston Acoustics, Harman, LG, Philips, Ryobi, Polk, JBL, Logitech, KEF, JVC, Audio Technica and Soundboks.  The prime reason Eleven is chosen by top brands is the ultra-stable XInC processor at the heart of all our chips and SiPs.  XInC is Eleven’s proprietary, realtime processor tech, developed by Eleven specifically for wireless audio transport.  Unlike competitors, Eleven does not use an off-the-shelf processor like ARM or 8051 since these are not designed for realtime applications like wireless audio transport. Instead, Eleven employs its proprietary XInC processing engine to deliver massive reliability advantages to customers, since XInC is designed for realtime duty from the transistor level on up.

XInC2™ is a multithreaded RISC processor designed for wireless duty, additionally XInC2 incorporates many hardware features that make it ideal for digital wireless audio applications.  XInC2 is also well suited for other realtime intensive microcontroller applications.  The multithreaded hardware architecture of XInC2 delivers guaranteed response times to multiple concurrent realtime events, giving it a marked advantage over serial processor implementations.   The multithreaded programming model simplifies software development and testing, significantly reducing time to market.   The XInC2 hardware approach to realtime event handling eliminates the need for an RTOS (realtime operating system).

XInC2 is available in both quad flat package and BGA package.  The BGA package includes an EEPROM non-volatile memory inside.

Everyone seems to love developing embedded applications in C language.  The problem is maintenance.  Developing and maintaining a code base in C tends to invite bugs to manifest in the code, and eventually it's you who gets painted with that poor-reliability-in-the-field brush.  That's why we created C++ tools for XInC2.  C++ intrinsically promotes good coding practice and fantastically reduces the possibility of bugs creeping in.  Here's your chance to break out of the embedded C rut most of your competitors are in.

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