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The Eleven Prize

The Eleven Prize was introduced in the 2007-2008 school year and first awarded in April 2008. The prize was instituted to emphasize the collaboration between Eleven Engineering and the Electrical Engineering capstone design course at the University of Alberta department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Each year between 5 and 10 groups build their final projects using Eleven’s proprietary multithreaded XInC processor.

The Eleven Prize is open to all groups. The winning group is determined by how well the students perform in Eleven's two core areas: Committing and Delivering. To view reference designs from previous years, please click here.

2010 Winner - (XInC2) Inertial Navigation System

Mini Sumo Robot

University of Alberta EE400/401 Capstone Design Project using XInC2 by Aria Abedi, Eric Chalmers, Rambukkanage "Dan" Fernando, Nicole Malenczak, and Jason Urness. This project report outlines the design of their inertial navigation system. ZIP [1.5M]

2009 Winner - (XInC2) Mini Sumo Robot

Mini Sumo Robot

University of Alberta Student Project using XInC2 by Jian-Lok Chang, Edwin Li, Lu Ma, Lee Richard, and Josh Sparrow. This report outlines the design of an Autonomous Mini Sumo Robot (WALL-E.E.). ZIP [1.1M]

2008 Winner - (XInC2) Autonomous Sumo Robot

Sumo Robot

University of Alberta Student Project using XInC2 by S. Chow, M. Hui, S. Merryfield, and N. Schwinghamer. This report will present a quick overview of the design, implementation, and results of an Autonomous Sumo Robot (TITAN).ZIP[652k]

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